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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrate this Summer

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Celebrate this summer and autumn with Flowering Pouches!

Take advantage of our reduced prices on all Flowering Pouches and save 25% by ordering now.

Start painting your garden fence or wall with Flowering Pouches.

Best Selling Flowers

Impatien walleriana Xtreme Mixed
£16.19 £12.95
Petunia Ramblin' Mixed
£16.41 £13.13
Salvia Salsa Mixture
£17.16 £13.73
Petunia Picobella Mixed
£18.63 £14.90


Antirrhinum Majus nanum Bronze Dragon
£17.41 £13.93
Antirrhinum Majus nanum compactum Frosted Flames
£16.48 £13.18
Antirrhinum Aromas Magenta Mist
£18.76 £15.01
Antirrhinum Aromas Red Spice
£19.96 £15.97
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Gazania Big Kiss White Flame
£23.39 £18.71
Gazania Big Kiss Yellow Flame
£23.00 £18.40
Gazania Gazania Kiss Frosty Mixed
£23.56 £18.85
Gazania Kiss Mixed
£22.56 £18.05
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Marigold Durango Mixed
£22.48 £17.98
Marigold Sombrero
£23.55 £18.84
Marigold Mr Majestic Double
£23.44 £18.75
Marigold Antigua Mixed
£23.48 £18.78
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Happy Gardening!

Mark Gordon
Chief Grower

Flowering Pouches

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